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In the last 10 years we have been rapidly going through technical changes that have redefined every aspect of our career and the way we do business. No longer will our career paths and business reach a comfortable  plateau. We will constantly have to adapt to new circumstances, changing our career direction many times. Some say every 5 years.


We will also have to keep our knowledge up to date and re-train. Not since the Industrial revolution have we experienced such dramatic changes.


It is no wonder we are thirsty for new information on the world of work and the latest job search methods and business practices.


After having an online presence for 12 years, Pro-Active Human Resource Management has closed our services due to the retirement of the Principal. However this site will continue to provide Free career / job search and business support . However our writing services have been replaced by referrals to other professional service providers.


We still believe  that investing in your future is crucial to maximising your career or business opportunities. We have personally sought out and spoken to a number of providers and we have chosen only a few companies we can comfortably refer you to.


Where we cannot provided an alternative service provider we have expanded on information about the service such as tendering to provide you with more specific information and have directed you to the best resources so that you can be assured the advice you are given is correct - saving you the time needed to seek them out yourself.


The following is a prιcis of what the  site contains


Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) Service


Now more than ever, a professionally written targeted resume is crucial to obtaining an interview in you area of expertise.


Resume / CV Writing


Many people think that they should be able to write their own resume or cv. After all, they can write reports and other business documents so they  presume that they are completely qualified to write it themselves.


The truth is, most people are too subjective about their own capabilities. It can take them a time before they realise that there is something not right with their resume. They are not getting interviews for jobs that seem tailor made for them. They have lost valuable time and money.


You will be in good hands if you continue to our resume section and see what professional resume writers can do for you. Our primary referral for resume writing and career development in Australia is a multi award winning professional with impeccable qualifications.  Please proceed to our resume section.


Example Resumes.


Three before and after resume examples with a explanation on the reasons why particular formats were used. This is based on the job seekers specific circumstances.


If you are not getting interviews with your resume and you cannot afford a professional resume writer, you might want see for yourself how a resume in the new world of work looks like. Here is the resource you need. Continue to our resume section to read all about this fantastic eBook with resume templates  It is highly recommended. At  $18USD it is a steal or you can find it here


Another area that is becoming very popular is the professional networking site LinkedIn. You need to create a dynamic profile with all the right keywords. If you don't do this it will never be found. To use LinkedIn successfully your profile has to meet a number of criteria. The buzz word is personal branding.

Writing LinkedIn profiles is a new skill set and there are resume writers who specialise in writing LinkedIn profiles. So see our section  Your LinkedIn Profile

Another very good resume/cv service for the UK and Internationally is http://www.cv-service.org  You can rely on the individual attention from Mike Kelley that you received with our services. Your resume/cv is not farmed out to contractors.

Visit our career sites  and job search resources for other employment services in Australia and internationally.

Assistance with Job Search and Career Support


Empower yourself by taking charge of your career


Career Support

Before you begin your job search it is clear that you need to have a very good resume - there is no way around this. You will be wasting your time applying for jobs if your resume is not up to today's standards.


However, before you can write your resume you need to have a clear career direction and may need help to identify a career path so your resume is targeted to ensure you get results.


In a rapidly changing environment you may need tools to help you make a career change or career transition. We have forged relationships with other leading career professionals and will direct you to their resources with confidence that your career will be in good hands.

We can provide all the information you need to know to take charge of your career today

We also offer comprehensive information on career opportunities in Australia which can be used by Australian residents as well as people thinking of migrating to Australia. You can research future job prospects and current labour/labor market trends.


Free Job Search Information


You want to get to work sooner rather than later don't you?


Many people are overwhelmed by the job search process and spend their time looking for jobs in one very small highly competitive section of the labour market.  However, there are many ways you can go about identifying possible career and employment opportunities and using a variety of sources to find a job you only dreamed about.

We know what companies are looking for so we have provided you with very powerful job search marketing tools that will assist you to reach the decision maker. Once you have met face to face, at an interview you will drastically increase your chances of winning the job.

Go to our Job Search Support Centre Index  to see a prιcis of all job search tutorials - starting from the first step through to the last step of finding a job of your choice.


How to Answer Selection Criteria

Selection criteria is used by all levels of government to recruit employees. Writing an application that uses selection criteria is not an easy process and you need to get it right. Our section will show you why employers use selection criteria and the why you need to follow the process to the letter. Competition can be high, so you really need to learn how to write an persuasive job application using selection criteria.  

 Writing Start Up and Small Business Profiles or Capability Statements

Capability statements and small business profiles.

There are multiple uses for capability statements and business profiles, especially for a very small business. A capability statement is necessary to apply for a government contract through the tendering process. Find out what information to put into a  to write a capability statement. If you lack the time or skills we can assist you.  We can also put you in touch with Professionals who can write you a LinkedIn Profile.


How to take your business online

See how you can create your own website for under $300 per year and have access to support and hundreds of free resource to help you grow your


Tenders For Small Business

Tender preparation can be very time consuming for small businesses.  Before you decide to get involved with the tendering process go back and look at past tenders in your area of expertise. See how to get this information in our tender writing section. You will notice that you will be required to have a lot of management processes in place such as a management structure, a health and safety policy and in most cases, your company needs to be quality assured.

You may have these polices in place and you  need to work out if the profit is worth all the trouble. Find out more about tender preparation and tender opportunities see our section on Tenders

If you are not ready at this particular stage in your business you may want to start putting management policies in place. You will find some advertisements on our tender writing page and also see our business support services

Go to our small business resources section for information on business.


Free Personality Test

Discover you hidden potential and/or modify any negative traits that may affect your job interviews and work trials.





Employment and Business Services based in Perth, Western Australia - WA. Delivering Online Resume and Small Business Services  Australia Wide and Internationally for over 12 years.


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If you are looking for further education or to change your career visit  Online Business Degrees


How to Write the Perfect Resume

Resume eBook

This is an eBook with resume templates and a resume guide that takes you through each step of writing an outstanding resume that will get you an interview.


it contains

  • Sample Resumes

  • Resume templates

  • Instructions on how to write each section from an employers perspective.

Best "how to" eBook on  resume writing on the market  and only $18 USD.


Don't want to do it yourself?

If you want someone to write one for you make sure they show you examples of their work that meets this benchmark in this book.


 Rιsumι Templates that will get you the interview

Build your own website for less than $300 which includes comprehensive marketing and  technical assistance.



Free Personality Test


Discover you hidden potential and/or modify any negative traits that may affect your career or business



Multi award winning  professional resume writing service with industry accreditation. Also offers LinkedIn profile development


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