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Client Testimonials

The following names have been shortened when people would prefer not to be identified.

Dear Iris

I would like to extend to you my deepest gratitude. Your valuable assistance with my resume has helped me to secure several interviews and ultimately, it has assisted me in securing my dream job. Your patience, experience and professionalism was faultless, your advice priceless. I will certainly recommend your services to friends and colleagues and encourage anyone considering your services not to hesitate – it will be the best investment they will ever make!  When I come to seek promotion within my chosen career – I will certainly draw on your services again. thank you, thank you. J Cunningham WA

(Note: This was a career change resume, so all the more exciting).


I got it!  I went through two grueling interviews though. You were right.  I needed to write my own selection criteria. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to answer some of the interview questions so confidently. Amazingly I was able to answer all the questions and some were very hairy to say the least.  I felt so familiar with my relevant experience after about 20 rewrites of my selection criteria. Using Lloyd White's selection criteria guide that you recommended, and then the selection criteria critique was definitely the way to go.  In fact some of the areas you got me to expand on actually came up in the interviews. Expect a lot more orders from my colleagues this year as several jobs are coming up. Thanks so much for all your advice and support. I have no doubt that I owe my success to you....

Leonie Cox, Darwin NT

...Thought you would like to see the changes I made to my selection criteria after our discussion. I am really happy with the result and feel more confident. I have a lot of good material to work on now if I get the interview. If I do get one I will be back to do the panel-interviewing tutorial….I was extremely impressed with your vast knowledge of community based organisations.
Regards, Felicity Harris, Wembley

Postscript. Client managed to get through two interviews and got the job. She also assisted one of her colleagues with her application, who was also successful.

It has been great working with proactivehrm especially their great level of professionalism in writing the resume. Their prompt reply has also made it easier for communication during the process of writing the resume and also their extra effort in finding out the logistics industry news for me. Thank you!
Ho Yi Hua, Malaysia

Iris wrote my resume for me for a Head of Department position with a prestigious school. The morning after the applications were due my referees were contacted and told that my resume was very impressive. I was invited for an interview and a week later was offered the position. I am sure that Iris' professional job on my resume contributed to my successful application.

Vanessa, Duncraig, WA

"I have just accepted a global marketing manager's position and I wanted to say a very big thank you for the help you gave me with my resume. Without a doubt since I incorporated your suggested changes, my success rate at obtaining an interview increased beyond belief.   I've had more interviews these last couple of weeks than I ever had before and now I've been offered an excellent position that I'm really very excited about.

Thank you Iris!"   Ann Divers, Qld.


Thanks to your wonderfully professional resume, I have been lucky enough to land a job as a PA / Office Manager for a prominent interior design firm in the western suburbs. I have had 3 interviews, and one of the managers from (Name taken out) Recruitment told me I had a great resume. I found my new job in the paper, and start Monday week. I'm confident that your resume got me the interviews, and will certainly be recommending you to anyone I come across who is job hunting. Iris, thanks again for your help. Having such a professional resume really boosted my confidence in my abilities.

S Baker, Nedlands, WA

Iris when you asked me for a testimonial for your “revamped” website, I was stuck for words. What can I say? I could not believe that I would even get an interview on my first application after you did my resume, never mind the job!. When I was told I was successful I was stunned. If you remember I had absolutely no confidence. The time you spent with me writing my resume must have been “like pulling teeth”. I had no idea employers would want all the information we discussed.

When I got my resume I couldn't believe all that information could be condensed into to such a concise document. I got a lot of my confidence back from just going through the exercise. Then when you urged me to apply for a job you found in the paper, even if it was just for experience. I was terrified. Your tutorial notes were great and I followed your advanced letter writing techniques, but I felt uncomfortable because it was not the style I was used to. It is hard to change your way of doing things. But it worked. As I said over the phone, I am really doing well in the job. It was like getting on a bike; you never forget.

I just can’t thank you enough for your interest and the advice you gave. I know you spent a lot more time than you were paid for, but as you said, you can’t work any other way. Thanks ever so much.

Lynn Byrne, Wembley, WA.

Pro-Active Human Resource Management is the best human resource management service I have ever used. I have used other similar services during my career, but none came close in terms of the standards of personal service, the usefulness of the advice provided and the advanced techniques they used to refine my Resume.

Other services claim to be able to deliver, but Pro-Active Human Resource Services are the only group who have both satisfied, and indeed exceeded, my expectations. As a young graduate whose career received a great boost from their work, I would recommend Pro-Active Human Resource Management to anyone.

Mark Wilson, South Perth

My personal experience with Pro-Active has been very positive. I was browsing through the Internet for examples/ advice for resumes. I got confused. I then remembered I had cut out an advertisement from the paper. I went to your website and was very interested, as it is difficult to get professional advice here in the North West especially someone who does all the work for you having the relevant experience. First, I thought how can this work over the phone and the net but the professional approach has achieved excellent outcomes. The money was very well invested as it saved me a lot of time, I was surprised how you pulled out all the skills and knowledges I have - I was quiet proud of myself- I do not think that I would have been able to do that - it seems we do not think so highly of ourselves and are reluctant to put things on paper. Thanks to Pro- Active Human Resource Management I have now a professional resume which I can makeover when needed.

D. Kaiser, Karratha, WA

After several unsuccessful attempts at securing interviews for managerial positions advertised through recruitment firms, I sought professional assistance through your company. The measurable outcomes on the first page were extremely powerful. Out of three positions I applied for with my new resume, I got three interviews with the recruitment firm, and I was referred to all three jobs. I was offered two of the positions and declined one at the interview stage. There is no doubt that I was a bit out of touch and your claims that it is a new world out there are true. My sincere thanks for enlightening me on so many aspects of recruitment today.

R Bannister, Perth. WA

Searching the internet I found your website and from the first email knew that we were very fortunate in finding someone as professional as you to work with.

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did with John's CV.  When we set out to search for someone to professionally write his CV we didn't know where to turn for help as we were living in Taiwan and a long way from home. 

Not only did you write a very professional CV but helped with covering letters and advice on the best way to source jobs and how to approach prospective employers.  Your advice was invaluable and we are positive by following it John will be able to secure the jobs he desires. 

Thank you very much for all the additional help you gave.  It was by far more than we ever expected when we went in search of someone to help with the CV.

Julie  Rowe (previously resided in Taiwan)

I am just about to go overseas again. This time I have negotiated a much bigger salary. In fact I think I could have got more but didn't want to blow it as wasn't sure about the going rate. The resume with all the outcomes was commented on by a couple of agencies and they more or less said they wouldn't have to wait for vacancies to come up. The company one agency sent me to seemed keen for me to take up the job. The work is about the same but more guys to supervise. Also more training and promotion opportunities.

Dave,  Karratha, WA


Thanks for the great job you did on my resume  A real improvement! I feel pretty confident I will land a good job.

Gary Fielding, Darwin, NT


This testimonial was a surprise.  It was found on a web directory reviewing my site. No name.  Note, I no longer have all the business pages and have added a mountain of job search assistance.

When I last looked at this site while searching for a resume writer I contacted them by email but they were booked out as I had left it a bit late.  However, I was still given career advice on the questions I raised, which was very useful and really got me thinking more broadly as my career history wasn’t straightforward.

The owner appeared to really want to help me succeed even though I was not a client.  I think this was because I am mature age and she had experience in this area. The site had a lot of business pages. Now I see they have a job search section, which I have found very enlightening. Well worth contacting.


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I want to say thanks for the great job you did on my resume. I got the first job I went for and it was fairly close to what I had in mind. I will recommend your service if I get the opportunity.


Sally Morris, Brisbane, Qld


I want to thank you again for advising me about your new job search section. I can't really do much about job hunting until I complete my exams. However, I sent my resume into some agencies (using your letter writing tips) and the feedback was very positive. They said my resume was impressive. I even started networking. it is not as hard as I thought thanks to your networking advice....

Judith Greaves, Perth WA

Thanks again for your support and help with my resume.  It has made a difference not only to how people view my knowledge, skills and abilities but to how I see myself and the value of the work I am capable of doing.
Maria, Perth WA

I was offered a casual position at ……..I'm very happy with my new position …I would like to thank you very much for kick-starting my future with a wonderful resume and bringing me up to date with new employment techniques eg. selection criteria's.
Tricia,, Darwin NT.

Just wanted you to know that I have already contacted three employment agencies today and they all said how great my resume was and how easy it will make to match my skills to a job. I took your advice and went for temp jobs. All of the agencies said this was the most sensible thing to do so I can get a variety of experience.

I will let you know how I go.  Thank you for all your support and advice.

Carmen Cafini, Brisbane, Qld

We did it again Iris I went through the selection process and now I have been made permanent. What a difference 18 months made. I can't believe it.  My salary....

Tessa Ng, Perth WA



I received my permanent residency one week and had a job the next week. I have just passed my first months trial and all is going well. Robert and I want to thank you so much for you help. It was far more than we expected and we do appreciate all the effort you put into my resume, general job search advice.  Your workbook was a great help too. I really don't think things could have worked out as they did without all your work and advice.

Toni Nailor, South Perth, WA

I wish to thank you very much for writing my Australian  resume. It is so much different in Australia than here. I have every confidences that I will get a job soon....

My Australian family also said it is very good.

M. Ramanan, Madras, India


“Thank you for all your help, it was invaluable. I was very impressed by your professionalism.”

Rosemary, Shenton Park

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