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The people who come to this site will be looking for work for a number of reasons. They may be:

  • Changing jobs for a better paid position or career advancement.
  • School leavers looking for their first job.
  • Jobseekers returning to the workforce after a break
  • Retrenched workers who have not had to look for a job in decades.
  • New migrants (or other Australians) looking at employment opportunities in Australia.

Whatever reason you have for looking for work, there is one thing for sure, you need to get a job and you need to get it fast. It is a jungle out there and there is conflicting information and competition is fierce. Today's workforce has changed and so have job search methods.

Job search methods not working?

One of the major hurdles of being a Career Coach is to get people to  look at

their job search and career development from another angle. If what you are doing hasn't worked in the past you need to change your job search strategy. Seems logical, don't you think?

If you want to get a job fast it is advisable that you sit back and reassess your job search methods and start from the beginning. There is no magic formula. Each person is different.

We will take you step by step through the career planning and job search process.  This section is a prιcis of what you will find on this site to help you find a job of your choice and also to save you time.

No job means no money. It is as simple as that. A bit of job search planning will save you both time and money to reach your career goal.

Steps one and three, and parts of stop two are covered in Career Support Service and Resume/cv Writing Service.   However It is covered  briefly here. They must be completed in sequence before you start your job search or you will be back to square one.

Step 1 : Career Assessment


Have you considered that you may not be in the right type of work and you lack of success is in the job targeting and knowledge of what you have to offer an employer? If not you won't be able to write or re write your resume.

  • Are you going for jobs that are suited to your knowledge and skills?

  • Does you experience match what the employer is looking for?

  • Are you trying to target jobs because you don't want to do the same type of work you have always done?

  • What have you got to offer the employer?

  • Do you know your work strengths and weaknesses?

One, if not all of these reasons, may be why you are not successful you need to look at. career assessment - covered in Career Support Services

If you don't want to go there just yet you may want to do this free career assessment. It is an excellent tool that will surprise you with the results. Thoroughly recommended especially if you need to write or rewrite your resume

Knowing your personality type will also help you make a career decision and may explain why you don't like your job and why you don't fit into an organisation. By knowing you personality type you can modify your behaviour and make you a better leader or work colleague. It can benefit you assist you outside the workplace. Free Personality Test

Step 2: Decide what occupations or field of work you will target.


If you are clear about your career direction take the next step. Otherwise spend some time matching your personality, temperament, skills, knowledge, and experience. Career support services contains career coaching options and career assessment tests to match your interests and values with career paths you may want to consider.


See Employment  and Career Opportunities in Australia  Here  you can find links to government and non - government sources that can give you labour market trends, job descriptions and a lot more to help you target a career area and may offer you a career change that has long term stability.


Step 3 : Write your resume


In resume services we take you through your option of getting your resume crafted. We have also provided some resume examples but you will find more on our resume page.


Step 4. Where to look for a job - what is the best method?


Now that you know where you are going, you have your resume you need to know how to go about looking for work.


Recruitment today is a whole new ball game.


Are you using only one or two sources for finding vacancies?

Many people are overwhelmed by the job search process and spend their time looking for jobs in one very small highly competitive section of the labour market.  However, there are many ways you can go about identifying possible career and employment opportunities using a variety of sources.


Where to find a job

discusses internet job search verses traditional job search methods - advantages and disadvantages. You can then go to 17 Recruitment methods. Understanding how employers recruit can help you in you job search and open up avenues you had not thought about and where there is less competition. You will use a different method of applying for a job. Other relevant section are two networking  and one how to cold call  which are tutorial type sections. These concepts are tried and proven techniques that still work.



Step 5. Make contact with the employer


By the time you get to this stage you could write an action plan to provide a framework for your job search.


Application Letters or cover letters - 5 sections dealing with letters


Good targeted job application letters are as important as your resume.

Writing an effective and powerful job application letter is crucial to winning a job.

If you cant write a winning application letter you will not get and interview. Yet many applicants just run off a letter that tells employers how good they are using tired old phrases. They underestimate the power of the application letter (also called cover letter).


You cannot use a one fits all job application letter. This is the biggest mistake jobseekers make.

  • Each letter must address the employers criteria. That is, your application letter should match everything the employer has put in the advertisement (if it is in response to an advertisement).

  • Companies must be researched so you can target your application letter to the company.

  • Two targeted application letters a day are more effective then 20 untargeted letters.

Our letter writing sections are very comprehensive. They are long because we do not just skip over the material. You can take what you need from them and there is something new for even the most experienced jobseeker.


We teach you how to write a letter and why. We  provide examples of concepts in each method.  We also show you how to write and set out a business letter and provide sample job application letters.  Hundreds of applicants daily are searching for information on the correct business letter format.


Step 6 . Preparing for and attending a job interview


A. Prepare for an Interview


Very comprehensive information to ensure you give yourself every opportunity to win the job. It covers,

  • How will the interview be conducted?

  • Research the organisation

  • Review your skills and prepare your interview strategy

  • Prepare your referees: Differences between reference and referees

  • Job interview checklist

  • How to make the most of your entry

  • Tips on some "don't do's during the job interview

  • First impressions - non verbal communication

  • Interview tips for older workers

  • What to wear for an interview.: Workplace association and psychology of colour.

  • After the job interview tips

B. Job interview Process and Questions


This section looks at the interview process and interview questions and answers - what the employer wants to hear from an applicant in a job interview situation. Contents include:-

  • Types of interview questions

  • Informal unstructured interview technique

  • The formal structured interview technique

  • How the formal interview technique is structured

  • Open and closed questions


Step 7. After the interview


Always send a thank you letter. See sample application letters



Congratulations. You have got the job of your dreams.


Resources  to assist you in your job search


Job Search Resources

Recommended books and software to make your job search easier and more effective. We have researched the best resources for all job search activities. Please have a look.


If you don't find what you want go to this easy to use search facility for ClickBank and see 2,000 books including some of the best selling Job Search and Career Development books.


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