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Sample Job Application Letters

The main area of job search activity after your resume will be

letter writing.


The process of writing different types of job application letters is set out in great depth elsewhere on this site. It is important that you do not use sample job application letters that are for a completely different situation.

In order to write individualised, dynamic and effective job applications, all 5 sections on writing employment letters or job applications should be read.  These are:-

Application Letter Advertised Position  (Invaluable letter content)

Job Application Covering Letter : Using Marketing Techniques (a must read)

How to write and set out a letter.  (business letter format and reading principles)

Job Applications  (Explains different kinds of application letters used in Job Search)

See also  Recruitment Methods


Sample employment letters for the average jobseeker. 

The purpose of these sample employment letters is to provide some ideas for people who are not necessarily high flyers. There are other resources such as amazing cover letters that give some excellent dynamic opening statements and content that can be changed to suit your own situation as well as material you will find in our other employment letter sections above.

Our sample job application letters are for different purposes, from career change to cold calling.

  Impressions are about expectations

An employer who is looking for an accounts clerk will not expect to see to a powerful application letter showing $ value outcomes. They will expect to see that you are qualified for their advertised job. On the other hand, an employer advertising for a manager has higher expectations. They will expect a dynamic letter because this fits the profile of the person they want.

Sample Employment Letters


The letters we have provided do not go 'overboard' and have been kept conservative on purpose. However, some people can get away with a really creative letter. See this news article



Sample Business Letter Formats

Sample Business Letter Format 1

Sample Business Letter Format  2

Note: nothing is enclosed with these letters


Job Application Letters or Covering Letters

All sample letters are in PDF format.   


 Most sites tend to look at the more professional jobseeker, therefore examples are provided for a mixture of job classifications including unskilled workers. Over time letters will be added.  For fantastic opening statements and great letter info have a look at  Amazing Cover Letters


Application Letter Process and a Sample Letter

An example of an job application in response to an advertised job using the AIDA (sales) technique.


Career change letter to an employer for an advertised job


Cold Calling Letters


Resume Application letter - Cold Calling

Used primarily for career change or people returning to the workforce.


Resume Application Letter - change of career direction - one relevant job  


Prospecting or unsolicited letters for cold canvassing (cold calling) and (networking)


Cold call letter to an employer - Semi-skilled blue worker

Prospecting or unsolicited letter for a retrenched manual / blue collar worker

Cold call letter to an employment agency

Cold calling letter to a company - graduate

Cold calling letter: Trainee - changing focus within the same industry

Opening statements for cold call letters- some blue and white collar occupations.


Phone Job Applications

Applying for an advertised position over the phone


Follow up after an interview letter - Thank you letter

Thank you letter




Any material taken from this site and placed on another website site with a "no follow" attribute will be considered as stealing content and the Copyright Council of Australia will take action to seek payment. Jobseekers may use this material for their private use.

Other cover letter examples coming

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