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Terms of Service Agreement

Please read these Terms of Service Conditions carefully. Once you place an order you will be asked to acknowledge your agreement to them. Terms are necessary to protect both Client (Purchaser) and Resume Consultant (Supplier). The most important, or relevant part of the contract relates to " the time frame of the contract."

NOTE. The Terms of Service Agreement below apply to resume writing.  Separate contracts will be negotiated for business services which includes capability statements, selection criterion writing and job search assistance, including letters.

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After you have read the Terms of Service Agreement, place your order on the through the electronic order form on the following page


Material supplied to Pro-Active Human Resource Management (Supplier) for the purpose of producing a document is private and confidential and will be either destroyed or returned to the Purchaser (Purchaser) only if the document is original or was requested by Pro-Active Human Resource Management under the understanding that it would be returned.

No Information will be given or sold to any third party



Pro-Active Human Resource Management will not be responsible for Purchasers misrepresenting themselves in any way.


Copyright - Resumes

Purchasers can reproduce resumes (or letters) crafted by Pro-Active Human Resource Management, by printing and sending by e-mail or posting on job boards for their own employment/business needs. It cannot be given to anyone else to copy formatting or content. Pro-Active Human Resource Management will not use any of the Purchaser’s personal material.



In commissioning Pro-Active Human Resource Management (Supplier) to undertake work behalf of the Purchaser, the Purchaser acknowledges that fees will be charged for services provided and are not refundable unless agreed between the parties involved.  If the Purchaser cancels the service for any reason the hours spent on providing the service will be charged at the Consultants hourly rate of $70  or deposit retained. This is at the discretion of the Supplier.


50% of the service order is payable before commencement of the work and can be paid by bank transfer or your own PayPal facility (see order form). Personal cheques and money orders must be cleared before work can commence. Final payment to be made before final copy is released.

Phone orders and phone quotes are not binding.

The document is produced to the level of service offered in the package.  If additional information is required or provided, that is available to a higher level document, or will produce a higher level document, the Purchaser will need to upgrade the service package. If there is less work than anticipated because of quality of information given, the fee will be reduced. Every effort will be made to ensure an accurate quote is given on information provided at the time.

Booking date

The Purchaser will be given a date/day on which the work will be undertaken. This is a firm booking date. All material required to write the document needs to reach the Supplier by 8am on the start date. If not, it will be potentially considered a breach of the agreement and the deposit will be retained by the Supplier for lost wages. A new start date can be arranged before the confirmed date as long as the lead up time is sufficient and does not result in a significant loss of income for the Supplier. A new booking date can be arranged after the missed start date at the Supplier's discretion and as soon as it can be fitted into the booking schedule. See extenuating circumstances

Computer access required

As a condition to wring the resume the Purchaser must have access to a computer during work hours or at their residence. They must be able to check it every day during the resume writing contract to enable a quick response to any requests for additional data and to monitor the progress of the resume.


Timeframe of contract

Resume contracts are required to be finalised within 10 working days or an agreed time*, from the confirmed start date.  After 10 working days, we will consider the contract completed if progress has been hindered by the purchaser as set out in

resume writing process and obligations.


No further work will be undertaken.  If the Purchaser wishes to continue with the process at a later date, fees will apply.  See extenuating circumstances


For more clarity about the timeframe and obligations see resume writing processes and obligations


*Extra time will be negotiated for shift workers on mine sites, for example. This needs to be discussed with the supplier before sending in the booking. However, if you cannot access a computer to complete the resume process, an online service is not suitable for you.


The Supplier will attempt to meet a Purchaser's deadlines

However, this cannot be done without the full co-operation of the Purchaser. If the Purchaser does not respond within 2 working days to a request for comment of the first draft and/or does not allow two full working days for making changes to complete the final draft and send it to back to the Purchaser for “signing off," the Supplier will not take responsibility and will not be liable for any consequences arising from this scenario. Full payment is required before the final copy is sent and received by the Supplier.


Extenuating circumstances are taken into account that may prevent the either party fulfilling the Terms and Conditions. Click here to go directly to section


Purchasers working to a tight deadline may decide to pay the full amount instead of a deposit to expedite the finalisation of the document.


Emphasis is placed on customer consultation.

A resume written with Purchaser input is far more effective. Where information provided needs clarification, expanding upon or where the Consultant sees areas where the resume can be improved, we may ask you to review our progress at key point. If you do not want this consultation the consultant will work with the information they have. No responsibility will be taken for the quality of the resume. If an interview is required, the Supplier will advise the Purchaser and this can be arranged outside working hours. For an explanation on what is considered to be reasonable consultation it is important to see resume writing processes and obligations  point 1 for examples where a phone consultation may be required..


The Supplier reserves the right not to accept completely new information that will change the focus or direction of the resume after the draft has been formulated and which will be considered unworkable in the current draft. (These incidences are every rare when the consultative process is followed.)


Changes to clarify the information and change of emphasis and syntax are, of course, part of the process of finalising the document to the Purchaser's satisfaction and is part of the consultative approach.   

Final payment is required before the final copy can be released. If the Purchaser does not return the draft for finalisation within two working days, or contact us to discuss the changes or request an extension, it will be assumed that the Purchaser is satisfied and the work.  If the Purchaser decides to discontinue our services for no valid reason, the Purchaser is deemed not to have met contractual conditions and will be billed for the full amount. Normal business practices will be implemented to recover this amount.

Drafts may be sent in PDF format at the discretion of the Supplier

(Not generally standard practice.) You will need acrobat reader installed on your computer to open it.

View and print Adobe PDF files

Free Adobe Reader software lets anyone view and print Adobe PDF files.

Finalisation of the document guarantee

If the Purchaser and Supplier have met all these conditions and receives the final copy of the document, and is satisfied, it must be signed off.  If the Supplier dos not received a sign off on the document within two working days the Supplier will consider the contract closed. 

Final payment does not necessarily finalise the contract for the Purchaser. The Supplier will consult with the Purchaser, and make any changes, within reason, as set down in the next section - resume writing processes and obligations;  The purchaser will then sign off when satisfied. The Supplier reserves the right to refuse any changes if deemed to be unnecessary or will alter the strategy and format. See resume writing processes and obligations below.

This is a more detailed look at processes that has been mentioned elsewhere in the document.

Resume writing process and obligations

1) A comprehensive and specifically designed  questionnaire will be supplied with prompts to elicit all necessary information to provide a quality and competitive resume. This must be filled out carefully and be given a lot of thought, following the instructions given. If the Purchaser is genuinely having trouble interpreting what is required a personal consultation can be arranged. The Supplier recognises that there may be areas that need more explanation that cannot be covered by the questionnaire.

This questionnaire is the raw data or material for resume compilation. The Supplier will require the Purchaser to provide a reasonably comprehensive document that will be compiled and crafted into a resume or application letter. It is not the resume writers job to interpret any technical information.  However, some Purchasers do supply the website address where a fuller explanation is given where it will make more sense when read in context. This is well received by the Supplier, but an attempt to explain the information must be given and the website is for clarification.

Within your questionnaire there will be links to examples that illustrate the information required and this is set out to the level of the resume as explained in a cover letter with the questionnaire.

2) Once the process of writing the process begins, the Supplier may need more information to target the resume or clarify information to produce a better resume, they will consult with the Purchaser and guide them in what information is required by email or phone. If the required information is not forthcoming, within two working days, or the information is still not sufficient after the Supplier has requested it on two occasions, via mail or consultation, the Supplier reserves the right to continue writing the resume without additional material.  (Most Purchases supply extra information and will genuinely work collaboratively with the Consultant, providing  positive information to get a better result).

The Supplier reserves the right to determine how much extra work can be put into this extra information gathering after two contacts if the information required is not adequate.

It is not the role of the Supplier to conduct career panning in order to write the resume, although reasonable guidance will be given. Career planning is an additional charge of $45 per hour for resume purchases only.

3) Once the draft is in progress new information will only be included at the Supplier's discretion, if it does not require an alteration of the format and strategy to be used.  No major changes will be accepted after the first draft unless the information was supplied by the Purchaser and not used or misunderstood by the Consultant. 

4) The Purchaser comply with all other timelines set down in the contract.

5 ) While all attempts have been made to ensure that proofing is thorough, once the Purchaser signs off on the document we will not be held responsible for any errors found.

Quality issues

If resume formulation requests are deemed unreasonable and/or do not align with the Purchaser's stated objectives the Supplier is not required to make any additional changes and will advise the Purchaser.


If changes are made against the advice of Pro-Active Human Resource Management’s Consultant, who does not believe is within their formatting and professional standard, the notation will be written on the receipt stating the work is not guaranteed to get you a job. No refunds will be given if negative feedback is given to the Purchaser.


Receipt of E-mails required

All  E-mail correspondence will require a receipt/response of the correspondence being received and opened. If no receipt is received within two days, (or in the case where the Purchaser is contacted at the workplace, 2 working days), a letter will be sent by registered post (sender acknowledgement) to the Purchaser and costs added to the account. If the letter is not delivered or picked up, the Terms and Conditions have been breached and the full costs will apply. The Supplier will endeavor to contact the Purchaser by phone to advise that a message has been sent.

Job Guarantee information

Pro-Active Human Resource Management does not guarantee a job interview. However, we will undertake to re evaluate the document and job search techniques if the Purchaser is not getting interviews within 2 months of receipt of the document or after 10 applications. Changes will be made to the document if any problems are identified where the Purchaser has been applying for jobs within their capabilities and aligned to their career objective. The Purchaser needs to supply the Supplier with the advertisements (if possible) and cover letters. The Supplier has the industry experience to determine if the document is at fault or if the Purchaser needs to change their strategy. Further cost are involved if in-depth Career Counselling/Career Advice is required.

Extenuating circumstances

If the Supplier is informed they will negotiate an extension of the contract. Extenuating circumstances include, for example, sickness, jury duty, Purchaser being sent away by the employer, family illness/tragedy and any other valid reason and each party will negotiate a new agreement. Either party may request proof that the circumstances are genuine. If the process of writing the resume and work is interrupted by extenuating circumstances affecting the Purchaser, the Supplier will delay the resume but full payment must be made.


What if the Supplier cannot meet contract?

If the Supplier falls ill or has a family tragedy and cannot complete the resume, a full refund will be given. Unfortunately there may be a delay if serious illness/accident is involved that makes this impossible to be arranged in the short term. It is important that the Purchaser monitor emails and if a email has not been answered within 10 hours or not received when expected, the Purchaser should email the Supplier. If no answer is received the Purchaser should ring the Supplier to see if a message has been left on the answering machine. The Supplier will at least try and arrange this if possible. The Purchaser should then look for another writer. Check the answering machine again at a later date, as a contact number to apply for your refund, will be left on the answering machine.  Full refunds are guaranteed, by no other liability will apply.


Now that you have read the terms and conditions and agree to them, place your order on the through the electronic order form.



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