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Specialists in Online Employment and Business Services:-

 Are you looking for a company that you can trust to handle one of the most important aspects of your life - your career or your business?

Very few investments can pay off more handsomely than engaging the services of a professional in their field.

We don't hesitate to seek professional advice about our life savings, retirement funds and tax returns in order to maximise our returns/investments and we don't entrust our future to "just anyone". We want to deal with someone who knows their business.  


Furthermore, time is often a major factor for people using professional services and a recognition that there are horses for courses. You may be a professional in your field, and we are professional in ours.

You need very specific skills to write a professional document to the standard required by employers, and government departments handling tenders.

  • It requires up-to-date industry knowledge.
  • Knowledge of the latest government tendering processes.
  • Experience in writing tenders.
  • Current recruitment and selection knowledge.
  • Sales and marketing skills.

Whether you are employed and wanting to make a career change, not currently working, or want to acquire more business, you cannot afford not to use a professional in their field.

In a highly competitive market you need to get results and get them quickly.


So what can Pro-Active Human Resource Management do for you ?


Firstly, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you achieve success in business (in areas where we offer services) and your career:


Consider your Consultant's qualifications and experience and company credibility.



My name is Iris Wood, I am the Proprietor of Pro-Active Human Resource Management - established in 1992. I hold a Post Graduate Qualification in Human Resource Management, with experience across a broad range of employment services. As a Training Consultant we wrote and won government tenders. My Profile


The explosive growth of the internet has seen hundreds of websites springing up to deliver business and employment services.  Pro-Active Human Resource Management are not new kids on the block. We have been delivering business and online employment services for 9 years.  Prior to this period we delivered offline services for government and private industry. 


Our site reflects a high level of credibility, offering you contact information, address, terms and conditions, sample resumes, complete information on service and prices, ABN number, testimonials, and as well as a profile of the proprietor. We offer quality and comprehensive career and job search resources and comprehensive job search assistance, with 15 FREE sections just on job search.


Investing in your future is crucial to maximising your career or business opportunities. In many cases clients have substantially increased their salary and profits by using our services.


Our services:


Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) Service


A professionally written targeted resume will get you an interview in you area of expertise


Resume Writing

Many people think that they should be able to write their own resume or cv. After all, they can write reports and other business documents so they  presume that they are completely qualified to write their own resume.


The truth is, most people are too subjective about their own capabilities. It can take them a time before they realise that there is something not right with their resume. They are not getting interviews for jobs that seem tailor made for them. They have lost valuable time and money.


We provide internet resume or cv services and have a proven history of achieving outstanding results for our clients by producing resumes that are uniquely theirs, highly competitive, well focused and written in a format and style that utilise marketing and advertising techniques that employers like.


  • We don't just write resumes for movers and shakers who can demonstrate a range of achievements backed up by $ statistics.   We know that only 20% of people will fall into this category.  However, if you can provide these statistics you can expect a very powerful resume. 
  • Our approach to resume writing is very personalised and we value you as a unique person with your own special qualities. We will market you on your strengths, experience and attributes.
  • Most of our prices for our resume service and online employment services are pre set and published on the web site, so you know exactly how much you will be investing. See Services and Pricing and Your Investment

Visit our resume service section to find out how we can assist you to get the job of your choice.



Delivering Job Search and Career Support Services


Empower yourself by taking charge of you job search


Job Search Support Services

Before you begin your job search it is clear that you need to have a very good resume - there is no way around this. You will be wasting your time applying for jobs if your resume is not up to today's standards. However, before you can write your resume you need to have a clear career direction and may need help to identify a career path so your resume is targeted to ensure you get results.


We offer personal career consultations and job search assistance, for example, writing an application letter for an advertised job.  See Services and Pricing  for the full range of services provided.

We can provide all the information you need to know to take charge of your career today

Career Support Resources

In a rapidly changing environment you may need tools to help you make   a career change or career transition. To this end we offer you some excellent electronic resources (eBooks) that can be downloaded immediately, and we provide instant access to career assessment, career analysis and career transition tools. For example, take the FREE online "Personal Career Analysis" which is a career test to assist you find fulfilling work.  This test creates a "personalised career strategy for you that works with the latest employment trends of the knowledge age". 


In this section you will also find some very informative and interesting career development articles from asking for a raise, how to manage your career, through to making a successful career transition. Professional development articles are also interesting. Spend a bit of time in this section and you are bound to find a gem that could create a turning point in your career. For example 'Are You Sabotaging Your Career? may resonate with some people in leadership positions.


Selection Criteria - Have a look at this section explaining what selection criteria is and why you are required to write selection criteria for government jobs. We also offer a selection criteria review service (see below)



Free Job Search Information

Use this section as a practical tool and valuable resource and you will acquire valuable job search skills that can serve you throughout your career.

  • We know what companies are looking for so we have provided you with very powerful job search marketing tools that will assist you to reach the decision maker. Once you have met face to face, at an interview you will drastically increase your chances of winning the job.

  • See our two in-depth sections on the job interview process, and questions and answers, and interview preparation, which will provide you with exceptional job interview information to ensure you understand the interview process and different types of questions used in job interviews. With this information you can prepare for the interview with the confidence that you have given yourself every chance of winning the job by being well informed.

  • We offer 5 sections on letter writing. This is an indication of the depth of our information.  Our most popular site for overseas visitors is how to set out a letter using standard business letter format. Our section goes further and offers much more than just how to set out a letter. We introduce you to reading principles, the structure of the letter and use of capital letters, for example.

It is impossible to learn how to write one sort of job application letter and expect it to cover different employment situations, as identified in our section on  recruitment methods. While most people will look at four sections on writing letters and  job applications, they are missing the most valuable information on the site, found at  Application Letter Writing Using Marketing Techniques It is lengthy, but informative, and not like any other information you have seen - and it is FREE.

  •  We also provide information from job application letter samples, researching career and employment opportunities, how to develop an action plan, how to look for work, though to relevant job search strategies, including how to network effectively to find jobs in the hidden job market, and cold calling processes and tips.

Go to our Job Search Assistance / Resource Centre Index and look at the comprehensive prιcis of job search section.


Free job alerts

Even if you are not ready to start looking for work, begin doing some research to see what employers require in the way of knowledge, skills and personal attributes. This will assist you to write your resume. Internet job boards such as CareerOne and Seek offer free job alerts. So even if you are not ready to change jobs at the present time, the knowledge of the labour market is invaluable when it comes to writing your resume.

Specialist employment sites

Higher Education Employment  This academic jobs board aims to help teaching professionals, as well as the administrators of primary schools, secondary schools and universities. With this job board job seekers can find teaching jobs in schools, universities and various K-12 academic jobs. School Administrators can post opportunities and gain access to hundred of resumes from qualified  teaching professionals.

Online recruitment directory     Head Hunter

Reviewing Resume and Selection Criteria Documents


How to increase your interview rate from 0% to 100%

simply by incorporating some changes in your resume.


Resume Review. Your resume may only need a bit of rearranging and we offer you a resume review service to turn it into a highly effective document. To illustrate this point, the following testimonial came from a marketing professional who utilised  the Resume Review Service

I have just accepted a global marketing manager's position and I wanted to say a very big thank you for the help you gave me with my resume. Without a doubt since I incorporated your suggested changes, my success rate at obtaining an interview increased beyond belief.   I've had more interviews these last couple of weeks than I ever had before and now I've been offered an excellent position that I'm really very excited about.

Thank you Iris!"   Ann Divers, QLD.

Selection Criteria Review  We will review your final copy, we do not write the selection criteria for you. Writing selection criteria is not an easy process and you need to get it right. We recommend a book "Winning Job Applications" as the best selection criteria reference book available to help you to write selection criteria correctly and effectively, to get you to at least the shortlist if not to the interview stage, as long as you have the skills required. Competition can be high, so you really need to learn how to write an persuasive job application using selection criteria.  See our review

Writing Start Up and Small Business Profiles or Capability Statements

Writing a Business/ Company Profile or Capability Statement

There are multiple uses for a capability statement or business profile, especially for a very small business.  If you lack the time or skills we can assist you. This is an offline service for the Perth, Western Australia and only within the Metropolitan area.  ---->  MORE

Stay ahead of the competition

Writing Tender Submissions for Small Business

Tender writing can be very time consuming for small businesses.  Before you decide to get involved with the tendering process go back and look at past tenders in your area of expertise (See how to get this information in our tender writing section). You will notice that you will be required to have a lot of management processes in place such as a management structure, a health and safety policy and in most cases, your company needs to be quality assured.

You may have these polices in place and you  need to work out if the profit is worth all the trouble.

It is a fair bet that a small business will not have the time, and in many cases the expertise, to wade through all the tender requirements. So you may have come to this site to see how we can assist you.

If you are not ready at this particular stage in your business you may want to start putting management policies in place. You will find some advertisements on our tender writing page and also see our business support services. You may want to explore these pages for other companies if we cannot help you, as recently we are always booked out well in advance with our resume services.  You will have to go to a specialist company if you want to be quality assured as it is a big undertaking.

Go to our small business resources section for information on business.

If you can't find what you want check out up to 2,000 of the best selling eBooks (electronic books) and other digital products at ClickBank.


Just put in your search term for a category, or click on business  and go from there.

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There is no difference in writing a resume for a client in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

 For instance, Pro-Active Human Resource Management has written resumes for client's from Taiwan, UK  and South Africa. I admit that most, but not all, these people had lived in Australia and were able to transfer funds from their own bank accounts. 

However, I had a client who lived in Malaysia and was communicating with me through a friend in Kuala Lumpur. He was ready to migrate to Australia and the paperwork had been completed.

Here is what he had to say.

It has been great working with proactive, especially their great level of professionalism in writing an Australian resume for me. Their prompt reply has also made it easier for communication during the process of writing the resume and also their extra effort in finding out the Logistics industry news for me. Thank you!
Ho Yi Hua, Malaysia

See more testimonials

Specialist employment sites

Higher Education Employment

This academic jobs board aims to help teaching professionals,
as well as the administrators of primary schools, secondary schools and universities. With this job board job seekers can find teaching jobs in schools, universities and various K-12 academic jobs. School Administrators can post opportunities and gain access to hundred of resumes from qualified teaching professionals.

 Online recruitment directory

     Head Hunter

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