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Articles about all aspects of career development from advancing your career, assisting you with strategies to gain a promotion, deal with change, return to the workforce, career change and skills development.

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Building Your Brand: Tactics for Successful Career Branding

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.


Manage Your Career :7 Ways To Add Information To Your Employment File  (Part 2)

In  "Who is Managing Your Career?" (below) I introduced a new self promotion strategy for internal career development or career advancement. This article looks again at the benefits of keeping your file updated, how you to go about it, a guide to the information that should be provided, and how it should be presented.


Who Is Managing Your Career? (Part 1)

Self promotion has always been a strategy for career management.  We can’t rely on others to manage our careers. This case study shows how a person relinquished all responsibility for self promotion and as a result was retrenched. The case study was the catalyst for developing a unique career advancement strategy.


Why you should always ask

A case study.  Karon needed to get training in her area of interest to advance her career. . Finding training that could fit into her schedule was proving difficult. After finding one and presuming her company wouldn't pay, she dropped the idea. The final outcome is very encouraging


Don't just dream of a new job

For years, many of us have just drifted along, letting others decide our careers, rather than actively managing our careers and taking control. That is, an opportunity comes up and we apply for it, or we rely on our employers to present us with new opportunities.

Well, the world of work has changed. Many employers are no longer able to offer the career ladders of opportunity that existed in the past. So, our career futures become our responsibility, and in this new scenario, career management becomes essential.


To Get Hired or Get Promoted, Attitude Is The Key

When you're looking to get hired or get promoted, what do you think is your most important asset? Your experience? Knowledge? Skill? Talent?

While all of those are advantages that will help you achieve your goals, there's one thing that's more important than all of them combined. Your Attitude!


10 Ways To Reclaim Your Self Esteem

The way you feel about yourself impacts how and why you do everything in life. If you feel good about who you are, then what you do will be an outside reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Building Your Career Portfolio: Four Career Investments for a Purposeful Lifetime

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Stress Without Distress

10 Ways to Reclaim your Self Esteem

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Building Your Portfolio

To Self Improve You Must Flow Like Water

Have you Considered a Job on a Cruise Ship?

Are You Sabotaging Your Career

To Get Hired or Get Promoted, Attitude Is The Key

10 Tips to Cope with Negative Emotions at Work 

Standing Out From the Crowd

How to negotiate 10-50% more money in an interview

Career Assessment do's and don'ts

Finding Fulfillment at Midlife: The Second Chance Career

What To do When Your Boss Is A Jerk

20 Powerful Tips For Advancing Your Career

Tips For Requesting A Raise

Seven Steps To Making A Successful Career Change

When Can I Say I Just Can't Do ItUp


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Advance in your career

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Writing Selection Criteria


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