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Introduction to Small Business Services

 Pro-Active Human Resource Management provides a range of services to support your small business.


Capability Statement / Business Profile


Our primary service is to write small businesses profiles or capability statements to create a higher level of credibility to a small business.  A capability statement can be used for promotion, and is required for inclusion in a government tender submission.

Small Business Profile and Capability Statement


Tender Writing


Government tendering processes are becoming more complex and accountable, as a result tender writing can become very time consuming.


We can assist you to write and submit a tender document. We also provide information on how you can write your own tender and how to look for tender opportunities, by providing you with a range of government departments and their role in the tendering process. You need to know what policies and business practices have an impact on your ability to be able to apply for a tender. Information relates to WA but has relevance in other states with similar legislation.


We can also assist your business to grow by offering a range of   relevant information. We recognise that starting and growing a business is very challenging and time consuming. 

Tender Writing
Professional and Personal Development

If you want to succeed you may need to put in some time learning new techniques and processes to address your weakest business knowledge/skills area.

You will find a range of Small Business Articles  and   Small Business Resources with topics relevant to running a small business.

In a world of massive retrenchments and uncertain future, overwork, and the desire to get out of the rat race, has led many people to look at their work and lifestyle and try and find a balance between the two. The business section has a collection of articles and resources that may inspire you to add some balance to your life.                              

Changing the way you do business

If you have a small offline local business selling products or professional services, there are compelling reasons to take your business and services online.
Using the Internet to find local businesses
is now mainstream and can only grow.     

Statistics show that a large amount of internet purchasing is local

"'Recent statistics state that 24.4% of searchers on major search engines conducted researches that were local in content' ". Further, another study found that 74% of internet users surveyed stated that they had conducted local searchers and backed up by statistics showing over 20% of all searchers were local".


Take Your Local Business and Services Online


If you have a small business and considered going online you will find information

on taking your business online  Small Business Profile & Capability Statements


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Introduction to Small Business Services
Tender Writing
Small Business Profile & Capability Statement
Small Business Articles
Small Business Resources
Business Information Sites

Thinking of going online?


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Business directories

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