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Small Business Profiles and Capability Statements

A Business Profile or Capability Statement is a powerful marketing

tool to be used for:

      • Applying for start-up business finance.
      • In a business plan.
      • Applying for finance to expand your business.
      • Promoting your services with a business profile in Australia and abroad – especially in Asia, or to hand out at Trade Fairs.

      • Accompanying your tender submission.

      • Developing credibility and trust.

      • Responding to queries about your services or products.

      • For use on your website.


Your Company Profile, Business Profile or Capability Statement does not have to be a glossy hard cover document. It is the content that counts. It needs to be professional and showcase your organisation's experience and capacity to provide a quality service. However, photos of your products and personnel will complete the visual impact of your document and create a professional image so that people will want to do business with you.

An effective business profile will give you credibility and physiologically the document is  harder to dispose of if you present it in an attractive cover. People tend to hoard attractive resources. This is where a quality photo, that is relevant to your business, is invaluable.

Your Business or Company Profile or Capability Statement reflects the size of your business so must contain the following information: -

  • Your company's registered name

  • Your location and/or demographics of your region/area

  • Company history   (years of operation add credibility)

  • Products or services - key features and benefits

  • Areas of expertise (or personal qualifications or experience to deliver services)

  • Accreditation or Quality Assurance if applicable

  • Major clients (optional)

  • Business objectives (optional)

  • Your mission statement (optional)

  • Terms of trade (if relevant)

  • Why people should do business with you

If submitting with a tender it must also contain

  • Staff development and training policies

  • Occupational Health & Safety policy, Quality Assurance and any other relevant accreditation

  • Organisational structure

  • Personnel - Industry experience

What you put into your company profile needs to be relevant and enhance your credibility. So if you are a new start up business, for example, you would highlight your personal expertise. If you hire a professional in their field with different and relevant skills then include this persons experience and qualifications.

Haven't got the time or expertise to produce an effective and competitive business profile?

Pro-Active Human Resource Management has the experience to prepare a professional company profile and capability statement that highlights and sell your organisation's experience, strengths and uniqueness.

An experienced professional photographer will come to your workplace. They are usually flexible as to what time of the day they work.  For example, you may want a  photo of your loaded trucks before they leave the depot.  A 6am start would be acceptable. Use only professional photos of your products and personnel to enhance your business profile to give it more credibility.

Just started your business?

Don't worry, we can assist you to put together a Personal / Business Profile that draws upon your experience and strengths. In the second or third year, you will have more information to add. However, today clients expect you to have your own website no matter how small it is. 

Do you want to take your business to the next level?


Take your local business and services online


If you have a small offline local business selling products or professional services, there are compelling reasons to go online.  


Statistics show that a large amount of internet purchasing is local

"'Recent statistics state that 24.4% of searchers on major search engines conducted researches that were local in content' ". Further, another study found that 74% of internet users surveyed stated that they had conducted local searchers and backed up by statistics showing over 20% of all searchers were local.

Using the Internet to find local businesses

is now mainstream and can only grow.

Ok, I understand, you are a small business and cannot afford websites that cost a fortune.  This is not a problem. Read on.

If you want to take you business to the next level, and especially if you are going for government contracts, you really do need to be seen as a legitimate and successful business.

Once you have your capability statement you have almost written your website content.

Small businesses have built and maintained their own websites for half the cost of a yellow page advertisement. I know of a couple of people (through case studies) that got their children to set it up and maintain it. One even got credits for a primary school, by doing this. Of course it is a breeze for a uni student.


However if you don't have any spare children in your menagerie at home, you can do it yourself. It is dead easy. Take 5 and have a look at this video which shows you everything you want to know about setting up a website and is full of video case studies showing a wide range of businesses who have built their own website.

Take the Video Tour         




The video above uses all the latest technical gismos such as "you tube". If your video card is not the latest go lets go to the "old fashioned" information page which is probably the best one for the novice internet user THIS PAGE

Think about the stats and think how you could increase your business.

You really need the basics of selling before you even think about taking your business forward to the next level and there are lots of resources on this site. Wait until you see this video. You wont need them, as everything you need to know about building an online business and marketing your goods is supplied in the package for less than $US300pa.

Every business, no matter how small must have a marketing strategy. it doesn't have to be complicated.

Look at an this scenario if you don't want your business to go downhill or remain the same and learn by it.

Case study - Folly of not following up clients:

I had my carpets cleaned and was not really happy with the result. However, I asked around and no one could recommend anyone. So I  looked for my last cleaner's card and remembered he didn't have one with him.  I ended up ringing around and found someone else. This was the best carpet cleaning job I had ever had. I had anticipated having to buy a new carpet  in the very near future.  Now I will get at least another three years out of it if I have it cleaned more regularly.  Yet I had to ask for a card and asked the guy to call me every 6 months. I gave him my card and he saw my profession and later rang me and asked if I could assist him with getting more clients. The concept of keeping a list of clients, with names, any personal conversations etc was a for following up was not being done. His business was not as good as he could be because he didn't even practice the basics of business building.

I gave him the basics of following up. Now a website would not have changed anything for this client, but if you are already marketing savvy, or at least know the basics let your website sell your services while you are sleeping or out on the road where it is hard to talk and sell in these circumstances.

Postscript to this story ;  5 months later

Horror. I flooded my house and rang my carpet man. Lucky for me, but not for him, he was free and he was around in 30 minutes to suck up all the water. However, carpets were ruined and had to be replaced. This is beside the point. He didn't remember me until I prompted him and still had not put into place any marketing strategies. That is why he was sitting at home waiting for client's to call!

The moral of the story of course is that you have to use every marketing tool available if you want to build your business and lift your profile in your area. People do not just come to you. 

With the high cost of petrol predicted it makes sense to build your business in your local area or to diversify your business.  You can get full information about how to build your business or how to diversify your business step by step by going on line and looking at the wonderful resources: See this relevant resource that shows you what benefits can be gained from taking your local business online and see how other small businesses have built their local business by going online. ( Business size 1-10)

Take your local business online

Good Luck.


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