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How to Order

Resumes and job search support only.  Business service contact direct.

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Processes have been put in place to ensure you receive a highly individualised service with the least fuss to produce the best result. At the same time we are aware that busy people engage us to minimise the time spent preparing documents.

Depending on the complexity of the document we may ask you to review it at key points. It is our job to ensure your strengths are highlighted and your resume is as strong as possible. We may want to speak to you about targeting of your resume, for example.  This means we may contact you at varies times to ensure we have interpreted the information you gave us correctly. If you do not want this service just tell us and we will work with the initial information you give us. See terms and conditions for resume process used
1. Make contact

If you haven’t contacted us already, call us for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and decide if we can meet them. See contact us

For a quicker service please e-mail us before you place your order via our order form  Until we know what you require and by what date we cannot provide you with a quote.

You can also send us your old resume  but not through the order form. Use proactivehrm@tpg.com.au If you don't use this link ensure your subject line is clear "re resume information-my resume".  Tell us in the email what you want - resume evaluation or new resume quote.  By providing us with more details you  will help us to understand the resume service you require. See point number 4 below

If you  have contacted us and you know understand what you want, start the ordering process.

2. Choose services required

See Services and Pricing. Choose which services you require.

3. Place your order

Read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and you will be directed to the on-line order form

4. Send required information
Old resume, specific job, (for letters) selection criteria (for selection criteria evaluation and for new resumes) course outlines for graduates or anything else that will assist us to confirm the service level you have ordered.  Send via proactivehrm@tpg.com.au  not via the order form.
5. Pay deposit after receiving confirmation of order.

A deposit (50%) or full amount is required to secure the booking. .


If you have already contacted us and provided the information we need to assess your requirements, we will tentatively confirm your order, provide payment details and a give you a tentative commencement date. We will require an order via our order form and immediate deposit to secure a firm booking.  Should the deposit be delayed, please advise us or your booking will not take precedence over a fully confirmed booking.

How to Pay

Because we need to confirm your sale or service, and give a start date, we do not have a shopping cart.  We will send you confirmation email on how to process with your payment.


Option 1 - Bank/electronic transfer


Option 2 - Through your PayPal  Conditions apply - See below


Option 3- Cheque or money order will take up to 10 working days to be cleared, therefore we do not accept this form of payment.


6. Fill out our requirements

Once we receive the deposit we can begin the resume writing process. We will ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that has been specifically designed to elicit important and relevant information in order to write a highly professional resume for today's competitive marketplace. Some of the information can be cut and pasted from your resume into the questionnaire.


We will also require any other supporting information such as course outlines for graduates, in addition to material in point 4.

7. Receive resume draft and consult with us to make changes.

8. Make final payment to receive your final copy.

If there are any changes to be made to the final copy that were not done, or not done correctly, consult with the us and these will be rectified.


Minor changes that were not discussed, and are not the fault of the consultant, will be made within reason. That is, if it can be done without changes to the structure.  New information, not previously discussed, cannot be added at this stage.  See terms.


Because we need to confirm your sale or service, we do not have a shopping cart.  We will send you a confirmation email with bank details and a booking date. Do not send any money through PayPal until your order is confirmed. 


Credit card (Master card and Visa)


After confirmation of your booking, you can use your own PayPal account by logging in at  http://www.paypal.com.au/au and choose "Send Money"  to proactivehrm@tpg.com.au   More information in the order form. If you use this method there will be a surcharge of $4 over $140.


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